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Discover the latest insights on building your sustainable dream home. From essential features to finding the right contractor, we’ve got you covered.


Energy-Efficient Home

What are the Top Features of an Energy-Efficient home?

If you’re looking to build a high-performance home, you might be wondering exactly what makes a home energy efficient. Purchasing a home is a massive investment, and building one even...
November 3, 2021
architect inspecting
Bidding ProcessChoosing a Builder

Want Tips on Getting Accurate Bids From a Custom Home Builder?

Thinking about bidding on your new future custom home? These 4 tips will help set you up for a successful process. Maybe you already have been working diligently with an...
June 16, 2021
Choosing a Builder

12 Questions to Ask Custom Builders Before You Decide

Finding the right builder for your custom home is the key to a successful project – and a lifetime of happiness in your new space. Researching potential candidates can be...
May 21, 2021

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