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Building EI

Introducing energy independent homes and communities.

EI Communities

August Homes is developing the first Energy Independent (EI) community in the DC area, and one of the first EI communities in the nation. 

Energy independence is no longer a distant dream. It is achievable, practical and increasingly becoming a necessity.

An EI (Energy Independent) community is resilient, even during the harshest of storms. The community can power itself. It uses power from the grid, but does not rely on it.

August  EI

An Energy Independent (EI) home focuses on high-performance, enhanced indoor air quality, quality materials, and design for the 21st century family.



Monthly savings on utility expenses and long-term savings for the life of the home.



Tough against future storms and power outages while reducing maintenance headaches.



Consistently and dependably delivers optimal energy efficiency and comfort.

In Development

Energy-independent communities are long overdue, the technology is simple, building methods are established, and the demand from the market is strong and underserved.  As we build our future, you could be part of history. Contact us to learn how.

August EI  Features

Our energy-independent homes are designed and built around the comfort of your lifestyle and feature multiple unique advantages.

Integrated Technology

Sensible technology integration. Smart home automation, solar-ready roofing, EV charging stations, battery storage, and more.

Energy efficiency

Our intimate understanding of efficient design and construction allows you to save on energy bills for decades to come.

High-performance systems

Performance design, energy modeling, and third-party testing. Every HVAC system is designed with proper room balancing, airflow, and comfort.

Intentional Design

Intelligent, advanced style. The needs of the American family are changing. We create at-home workstations, flex rooms, indoor-outdoor spaces, and more.

Sustainable building

Where luxury and principles meet. We incorporate FSC-certified lumber and locally-sourced materials while recycling over 95% of all construction waste.

Healthy indoor air

Fresh air for everyone. We incorporate UV and HEPA filtration systems, as well as fresh air intake systems, for healthier homes and families.

Building to the LEED For Homes Standard

Every home we build is third party tested and verified.  For those ready to go beyond convention, we’re here.

Let’s bring your ideas to life.