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Building a Net Zero Future

Net Zero Home Builders – We Know Energy Efficiency

With advances in technology, proven construction methods and innovative design, net-zero homes are no longer a distant dream.  

many green energy healthy communities

Produce all the energy you need to run your home, at home.

Three steps to build a green net-zero energy home.


Optimize the home design

It starts with orientation of the home, size, natural light, shading and materials.


Reduce Energy Demand

Insulate and seal the house well, supply fresh air to counter a tight building envelope, use efficient heating and cooling methods, reduce appliance/lighting demand.


Supply Energy Ready Power

Use an energy model to properly size a solar panel array or residential wind system. Install power generation optimized for maximum generation. Consider on site energy storage.

Net zero will save you money from the start

Thousands are spent each year in utility bills.  Eliminate your energy bills with a small increase in monthly mortgage payments to get your home to net zero.  Talk to your financial advisor to learn how a net zero home can pay itself back on day 1!

Net Zero neighborhoods are around the corner

August Homes built its first Near Net Zero (NNZ) home in 2012.  As we continue to build custom, net-zero homes on your lot, we are also planning to build zero energy communities and neighborhoods.  Contact us to learn how you can be part of the net zero revolution, happening right around the corner! 

Let’s bring your ideas to life.